Can I still consult with a lawyer if I use LawWurk?

While LawWurk aims to provide alternatives to traditional legal representation, there may be times when legal advice or court representation is essential.

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Is there a cost to using LawWurk?

While accessing LawWurk and browsing through our listed professionals is free, individual professionals may have their own fee structures for the services they offer.

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What types of legal issues can LawWurk help with?

LawWurk covers a broad spectrum of legal issues.

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How does LawWurk differ from hiring a traditional attorney?

LawWurk is designed to offer alternative legal support by connecting users with trained professionals who can assist in non-representative capacities, such as document preparation or procedural guidance.

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Who are these "allied legal professionals" you refer to?

Allied legal professionals are individuals trained and experienced in specific areas of the legal sector but are not attorneys.

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What states does LawWurk accept members to provide assistance to the general public?

We list members who qualify under state, county, or local law.

What states does LawWurk accept members from?

For the general public, currently, we list members who qualify under state, county or local law.

Why don’t you have members in my state yet?

At LawWurk we are continuously expanding.

Why was LawWurk launched?

Our vision at LawWurk stems from the observation that access to justice remains limited for many.

Does LawWurk guarantee the work the listed member performs?

Members listed in the LawWurk directory are independent freelancers and business owners.

What happens if I have a dispute with a member listed in the directory?

Any contract or arrangement is made directly with the freelancer/member.

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Are the members in the directory employees or connected to LawWurk?

No. Members listed in the LawWurk directory are independent freelancers and business owners.

How does LawWurk help the general public when they are unable to afford an attorney?

The LawWurk marketplace allows those who need justice but cannot afford an attorney easy access to locating alternate support.

What is LawWurk?

LawWurk is a dedicated platform that connects individuals with nonlawyer resources and legal support professionals.

What is the Access to Justice Gap?

The American Bar Association (ABA) stated in a recent study that approximately 80 percent of low-income individuals cannot afford legal assistance.

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