Why was LawWurk launched?

LawWurk’s humble beginnings began in 2020 as a bootstrapped project.

Founder Stacey was inspired to start LawWurk when she was following closely the California Task Force on Access Through Innovation of Legal Services (ATILS). This gave her information into the Justice Gap, which allowed her to further research. After an in-depth look into the statistics, the facts and the drive of the ATILS, she could see nonlawyers were being underutilized and there wasn’t an easy way to find a nonlawyer to assist. As a California Legal Document Assistant (CA LDA) herself, she understood the needs of both the nonlawyers, and the general public who need lower cost legal services.

We have set out to build a disruptive company, enabled by world-class technology and executed by a group of professionals eager to change the behavior of an entire industry and bridge the Access to Justice Gap. LawWurk’s highest priority is to provide a streamlined service providing quality professionals to our viewers. In this pursuit we have launched online tools that makes it easier and convenient to engage the experienced Legal Team they need on demand. To achieve this, Law Wurk has an online web portal which allows potential clients to filter through vetted legal paraprofessionals and select their ideal member based on what skills, cost, and law they need assistance with.

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