How does LawWurk work?

Find great legal freelancers. Build your business. Get the help you need today.

  • Search by available freelancers in your state, by the area of law required or what legal skill you need. See real reviews and star ratings from previous clients.
  • Sifting through profiles, screening for skills, matching people your needs can be overwhelming. Finding the best independent talent can take time, but we make it easy. Complete a simple form and we will match you with the best freelancers.
  • Post a project with details on what service you need assistance with and get proposals directly in your inbox.
  • Members can bid on posted projects, or Clients can reach out to freelancers that seem to meet their needs.
  • Discuss via private message the project, negotiate fees, and set milestones together. Milestones track the project progress aligned to the road map of the project steps showing which task is done and which one needs to be completed.

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