What happens if I have a dispute with a member listed in the directory?

Any contract or arrangement is made directly with the freelancer/member.

Does LawWurk guarantee the work the listed member performs?

Members listed in the LawWurk directory are independent freelancers and business owners.

How does LawWurk help the general public?

The LawWurk marketplace allows those who need justice but cannot afford an attorney easy access to locating a licensed or registered professional in their state, and engaging them through the platform for a trusted experience and transaction.

What is LawWurk?

Law Wurk is an online marketplace platform that allows needed legal services to be done on a lower cost basis by nonlawyers and paraprofessionals.

How does LawWurk work?

Clients are able to search available freelancers in their state, area of law required or skill needed. The Client can also post a project with details on what service they need.

How does LawWurk help attorneys?

Through outsourcing tasks, attorneys gain valuable time and save costs associated with payroll taxes, staff insurance and benefits, equipment and the required space to accommodate in-house employees.